For whom are spring mattresses particularly suitable?

The spring mattress comparison has shown that the sturdy mattresses are not ideal for everyone – but still, many people can be happy with a spring mattress. In particular, this includes people who sweat heavily at night: Since the spring mattresses can provide optimum air circulation, no heat accumulates and also moisture is not a problem. However, one person’s joy is the other’s grief: people who freeze easily in their sleep should better not resort to a spring mattress, but rather choose a cold fluff mattress instead.

But not only the thermal properties of the spring mattress must be considered before the purchase: The stable construction of the spring mattresses allows a horizontal reclining position, which can be of great advantage for abdominal or back sleepers, as this spares the spine and muscles. For side sleepers, this factor is, of course, more of a disadvantage – these are better advised with cold fluff, latex or viscous mattress.

If you prefer a harder sleeping surface, you are also well advised with a spring mattress – for children or seniors, the hard mattress is rather less suitable and also people who suffer from back pain should be advised by their doctor before buying a spring mattress. Allergy sufferers will probably be happy with an innerspring mattress, as these may be more susceptible to mites.

Finally, spring mattresses are ideally suited for heavy people because of their high stability: Although the softer Bonnell spring mattresses are designed more for light persons with a body weight of up to 100 kilograms, the remaining spring mattresses can be loaded with up to 200 kilograms.

Buy spring mattress: What to pay attention to?

First and foremost, one should be aware that feathering of feathers may compromise quiet sleep – especially those with sensitive sleeping habits may experience problems with this “side effect” of the rugged construction of innerspring mattresses. If possible, you should, therefore, subject the spring mattresses in the run-up to a durability test and a few nights long to familiarize yourself with the properties of the spring mattress. Buy mattress from amerisleep. here you can see different types of mattress.