How many degrees of hardness are there with mattresses?


Mattress grade 1 (H1) is suitable for people under 60 kg body weight. Since such a low body weight is relatively rare in adults, only a few mattresses are manufactured in this mattress hardness. Often, these mattresses are also available exclusively with mattress grade 1, so it is really custom-made. Who weighs more than 60 kg, should definitely not choose a mattress grade 1 (even if he likes soft), otherwise they lose their dimensional stability very quickly.

Mattresses grade 2 (H2) is one of the two most sold – especially in women. It is especially suitable for people weighing between 60 and 80 kilograms. Depending on the manufacturer, the designation F2, medium or medium is also common. Often, this mattress hardness is also chosen by heavier people, who think that they do not sink deep enough (especially in the shoulder area). However, this is dangerous because the mattress cannot provide the necessary body support.

The mattress grade 3 (H3) is by far the most common in bedrooms and is suitable for people from 80 kg body weight and is suitable for people from 80 kg body weight. Depending on the manufacturer, the upper limit is 100, 110 or even 120 kg (usually recommended at 120 kg, however, mattress hardness H4). Most mattresses are made in mattress grade 2 as well as in grade 3 – usually, this combination is what couples want.

The mattress grade 4 (H4) is suitable for people who weigh over 100, 110 or 120 kg (depending on the manufacturer). Often, this mattress hardness is also referred to as solid, extra-firm or even ultrafast. Since there is no further degree of hardness in many manufacturers or models, often also lacks an upper limit to the next higher degree of hardness. Usually, this is reached at 120, 140 or 150 kg.

Hardness 5 (H5) is the rarest grade 1 hardness. Accordingly, the definition of the lower or upper limit is correspondingly difficult. Often the grade 4 mattress is also suitable for heavy people and mattresses. Grade 5 is just harder. That is probably the reason why some manufacturers do not have mattresses in grade 5 in the range. You can get more information from Amerisleep.