The mattress in 90×200 – the all-rounder among the mattress sizes

The mattress in 90×200 is one of the most common mattress sizes. No wonder fits the mattress in 90×200 but in a common single bed as well as in double the number in a standard double bed. Many couples buy a spacious bed in 180×200 to enjoy the mutual closeness in the common bedroom at night. Not infrequently, they also tend to a single mattress in 180×200, instead of choosing their own mattress in 90×200. Unfortunately, this is often the beginning of problems.

Each person has different sleep needs, which usually only their own mattress in 90×200 can meet. Personal sleep needs depend on various factors.

  • For example, mattress hardness should be selected based on individual weight and personal comfort. Not infrequently, men here need a different mattress hardness than women. Classical is the distribution of mattress hardnesses man H3, Mrs. H2. It becomes problematic when two people share a mattress because if you lie on a mattress that is too hard or worse too soft, the spine is not ideally supported.
  • Back pain can be the result, in any case, such sleep systems do not offer the maximum possible comfort. If each partner chooses his own mattress in 90×200 for the double bed, anyone can easily choose the degree of hardness that is needed.

The sleeping position should also be taken into account when choosing the right mattress 90×200. A side sleeper needs a different mattress than a back sleeper, so that the necessary body support is given and complaints can be prevented. Buy Portland mattress now.

  • Ideally one chooses two slatted frames in 90 x 200 cm, which also corresponds exactly to the personal needs and which form in combination with the mattress in 90×200 a complimentary sleeping system. A low priced version is the roll mattress 90×200, which is rolled up for transport under compression, the price benefits from the easy handling. A roll mattress is usually made of cold fluff, as this is the easiest to roll up and the rolling procedure also tolerates well.