Washing a mattress cover – how it works!

Every night we spend about 7 hours sleeping on our mattress. This makes the bedroom and our bed the place where we stay in the apartment for the longest time at a stretch. Of course, that’s why our mattress and its cover need special care in order to guarantee a long-term, allergy-free and restful sleep. After all, not only dead skin and dust can accumulate on and in the mattress over time. In addition, about half a liter of sweat, which each person gives off on average per night, creates an ideal breeding ground for dust mites and thus for the development of allergies. We show here how dirt and unwelcome roommates can be dealt with in and on the mattress and what should be considered when washing the mattress cover.

Washing the mattress cover – the most important thing in a nutshell

  • The mattress cover should be washed at most every 3 months
  • Many mattress covers can be washed at 60 degrees
  • If the cover is washable at 60 degrees, powder detergents can be used; liquid detergents can be used at lower temperatures
  • After washing, the mattress cover should be air-dried – so it can not shrink
  • Using a mattress topper and regular airing and brushing the mattress will help keep it clean and prevent mold and mites

Regular washing for worry-free sleep

Our mattress is a faithful companion – but also has to endure a lot. Not only do we spend about 7 to 8 hours per night in bed and thus on the mattress. It is also regularly polluted by dead skin, sweat or even excretions such as urine and blood. So mattress and mattress cover, which should actually be the perfect place to relax, easily become an ideal breeding ground for mites.

Although mites, tiny arachnids that live in almost all home textiles, are generally completely harmless, they can trigger allergies through their excretions. Regular washing of the mattress cover is therefore not only important in order to be able to feel comfortable and sleep well at night, but also helps to prevent the development of allergies. Amerisleep is the best website for mattress.