What is a Visco mattress?

For people who have a high need for warmth, like to lie soft and do not move much during sleep, a Visco mattress feels completely comfortable. Visco mattresses are among the cold fluff mattresses: They are equipped on one or both sides with a top layer of viscoelastic foam (polymer). This material is highly thermoelastic and adapts perfectly to the body contours due to the body heat. The result is an almost weightless lying sensation.

Visco foam was developed by NASA under the name “Memory Foam” in the 1970s for the physical relief of astronauts in space flights. The “Memory Foam” nestles optimally around the contours due to the body heat: The body sinks easily into the material. The material has shape memory and after a few seconds returns to its original shape. You can test this property by gently squeezing the visco foam by hand. It takes a few seconds for the handprint to disappear.

Building a visco mattress:

Visco mattresses are usually a combination of cold fluff or latex and visco foam. Depending on the manufacturer and product, the materials and thicknesses of the respective mattress layer vary. Usually, the lower layer is made of solid cold fluff or latex to ensure the stability and dissipation of moisture. Some models have a softer layer of cold fluff and the top layer of the mattress is made of Visco Foam. Often the different mattress layers are welded together.

In the market, however, modular models are also available that are individually supported by the mattress cover. The modular Visco mattresses have the advantage that the individual layers can be exchanged for individual needs. In hot weather, it is better for a cooler sleep experience to place the softer cold fluff layer on top and the visco layer in the middle. Buy visco mattress now at amerisleep.Visco mattresses are equipped with a one-sided or two-sided Visco foam coating, depending on the model. For single-sided coated models, the layer of visco foam is thicker: advantageous for quiet sleepers, very pressure-relieving and comfortable. Two-sided coated models are double-sided and, due to their lower sinking, are more suitable for people who often move during sleep. The dual-use option also increases the life of the product.